Survey Programming


We program surveys for you. Just send us your questions & logic. Fast Turnaround assured.



Our full service team can manage projects of any size to your timeframe and budget. We even help you get sample for your studies

Custom Scripting


Need engaging layouts or shelf testor conjoint set ups? All these can work nicely within Connect-Survey’s features &best thing is we program all for you.

Tracking Campaigns


We’ll do any complex project be it ad hoc or tracking. You can focus on analysing your data and getting the story out of it.



If your reports need branding, question categorization and comparison, or anything else you can think of – discuss with us.

Data Processing


We provide presentation-quality tables, text reports and graphics. In addition our visualisation team can create infographics and powerpoints, should you need one.



Want your surveys even more engaging? Just tell us how you want your survey to look and our team of designers will make that a reality. We program using HTML5, or flash

Survey Engine


A robust and secure survey engine helps us gain the trust of our clients. It is our survey engine that gives us the confidence of maintaining a 100% satisfaction record.